How To Strengthen And Grow Your Nails In Lockdown

How To Strengthen And Grow Your Nails In Lockdown

Ok, so we’re a good few weeks into lockdown now.  Chances are, you're already bored of Netflix (there’s only so much Tiger King a girl can handle!).  You'll probably have exhausted what you can make out of what’s left in your cupboards, there are only so many home workouts you can do, and there’s NOTHING to fill those hours before night - or nap - time comes round again.



But, there are some things you can get on with doing that could see you emerge from lockdown looking and feeling fabulous.  And one of these is getting to grips with those things you may or may not have been chewing on whenever you watch the news.  While you might have been getting your gossip fix just fine (hello, Zoom Fridays), let’s face it, unless you’re a qualified nail tech, those nails are not likely to be looking as great as they could look.  



Between the Happy Birthday hand washing and the lack of vitamin D, you might have a set of claws that need some serious attention right now.  With that in mind, the time has come to say goodbye to gel nails with 4 weeks worth of regrowth and hello to natural nails.  Why not use this opportunity to give your nails some much needed TLC?


Top tips to strengthen and grow your nails

1. Stay hydrated

2. Moisturise 

3. File gently

4. Prioritise health over length

5. Protect your hands when cleaning


 Stay hydrated

Water is key.  Drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated will in turn work wonders on the health of your nails; preventing them from becoming dry, flaky and brittle.  Sip like the Love Island squad right through the day, and you will reap the benefits.  If you’re fed up of water, simply add a slice of lemon or lime for flavour. 




Want healthy nails?  Make cuticle oil your new best friend.  Apply cuticle oil to your nails everyday to prevent breakages and keep your nails moisturised.  This will increase circulation, stimulate nail growth and will help to improve the health and appearance of your nails.  By building this into your daily skincare routine, your nails will eventually become stronger and less brittle.


File gently

Use a glass file, because it's gentle on the nail, lasts "forever," and is easy to clean.  Practice makes perfect, so always take your time when filing so you don't damage your nails.  Slow and steady wins the race, folks. When filing your nails, always start from the outside corner going into the middle of the nail.  Filing in one direction using long strokes will protect your nails from splitting and tearing.  Be gentle.



Prioritise health over length

Short nails are easier to maintain, stay healthy for longer and are less prone to breakage.  Fact.  Much like your hair it's essential to get rid of split ends to promote growth.  You will be able to reach a good length once you’ve got the basic hydration and conditioning right.  Prioritising nail health over length is a win win.




Protect your hands when cleaning

You can also maintain strong and healthy nails by simply wearing gloves while doing household chores.



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