All About Chokers

The Nineties revival of the choker trend is in full swing; with dark undertones, a punk attitude, and rebellious nature to sheer glamour and oversize chokers that resemble body armour.  At House of Pascal, we are huge fans of the choker along with everybody and their mama such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian West who clearly rarely leave home without one.  


The History of the Choker

Believe it or not, the choker trend has been around for centuries, in Egyptian, Native American, Indian and Chinese cultures.  During the French Revolution,  women would tie red ribbon around their necks to pay homage to those executed on the guillotine. Who knew?  

Associated with prostitution and lesbianism back then; the choker to this day has kept those very same connotations with some men viewing women that wear chokers as submissive.   

1860s: The Uniform of Prostitutes


Manet’s famous painting, “Olympia,” (1863) depicted a prostitute wearing a black ribbon tied around her neck.  During this era, many believed a ribbon tied around the neck was a sign of prostitution.  "Olympia" was a name associated with prostitutes in 1860s Paris. 

These connotations did not stop royalty or those from wealthy backgrounds embracing the choker.

But their time is far from up.  The trend is back with a vengeance, but luckily it's looking even better than it did the first time around.

In fact, they are rising back up in popularity, thanks to some of the most fashion focused celebrities being seen wearing them out and about.




In Europe, it is thought that the choker necklace can date back to the This trend then made its way to the UK where women would also tie a red ribbon around their necks. Both the French and English ladies would make these gestures all the more attractive by using jewels and cameo pins to dress it up.

As the 1800s came around Alexandra, Princess of Wales started a new dawn for the choker. After travelling to India she noticed how the women there would adorn themselves with a variety of neck jewellery. Wanting to cover over a scar that was visible on her neck, she took this trend for herself and would wear ropes of pearls and velvet close to her neck.

It was long before other women were copying her look, although they would often change the pearls to other materials such as precious stones, lace and gold.

The modern take on chokers

The 90s are possibly the most iconic period of time for chokers and they were available in a variety of forms.

Whilst back in the 1700 and 1800s chokers were made from jewels to show off wealth. The 90s saw a much grungier approach to this type of jewellery.

Spikes, velvet, shells and even the plastic tattoo style choker. Teenagers throughout this decade would wear them all!

How the celebs wear them

There has been somewhat of a resurgence of 90s trends recently. This includes chokers. In fact, you can tell if something has become right on trend, simply by the celebrities that are wearing them. When it comes to chokers, trail-blazers in the fashion world have already admitted to being a fan.

Kim Kardashian is one of these fans. In fact, she has been seen in a variety of chokers. This includes diamonds, velvet and even one fashioned from denim. One thing we all know, is if Kim K wear something, it won’t be long before the rest of the world follows.

But Kim isn’t alone. Another world-famous fan of the choker is Rihanna. Rihanna is known for taking an edgier approach to fashion, and this is seen in the chokers that she wears. She often opts for a more gothic style, with plenty of dark colours and different adornments.

Want to try out a choker for yourself? There are plenty of different types out there to choose from. So why not pick your favourite and see if you can’t make a great impression wearing them out and about?


The styling trick, it seems, lies in what you team your choker with. An off shoulder top, a slip dress, or just something to expose the rest of your décolletage seems to balance out the skin to fabric ratio and prevent anyone from looking like they’re actually just wearing a turtleneck. The best bit? If you’re strapped for cash then (carefully) tying a raw ribbon around your neck has got to be the cheapest, most instant DIY trend update we’ve ever seen.



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